samedi 6 février 2010

"Line" short film


It is with a great pleasure that I present "Line", my master thesis short film, full CG, co-directed at A.T.I., Arts et Technologies de l'Image, university Paris 8.

With Laurianne Proud'hon, we wanted to develop an aesthetic between realism and dreamlike through computer graphics. We have many experienced and learned during these months of creation.
Laurianne made a pretty amazing work in texturing/ lighting/ compositing.
For my part I had challenging FX to achieve (maya/ realflow/ houdini).

Jean-Luc Verschelde and Nicolas Majumder conceived an immersive sound design and an original music for emphazise, support our strangely blurred universe.

Directed by
Laurianne PROUD'HON (modeling, texturing, rendering, lighting, compositing) // A.T.I., Paris
Ludovic RAMISANDRAINA (modeling, animation, effects) // A.T.I., Paris

Sound Designer
Jean-Luc VERSCHELDE // Institut Supérieur des Techniques du Son, Paris

Music Composer
Nicolas MAJUMDER // I.S.T.S., Paris

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